What We Treat

Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

Every man’s sexual dysfunction is different and can affect men at any age. At Indianapolis Men’s Clinic, we treat erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation, and Peyronie’s disease, focusing on your sexual and overall health. Improved sexual health can improve a number of other areas of your health, as well. Whether you have experienced a decline in your libido, have trouble sustaining an erection, or find difficulty prolonging ejaculation, we have treatments available. There are psychological, hormonal, or other medical issues that can be causing your sexual dysfunction. These dysfunctions are serious health conditions that, when discovered, often lead our physicians to discovering other underlying health issues.

We have seen and treated men for a variety of sexual health issues, properly diagnosing and treating your issue to give you a more active, intimate, and fulfilling sex life. We tailor our programs to your specific needs and provide treatments that are highly effective in helping restore your sex life.

Our Treatment Areas

Our talented, experienced physicians work on an individual level with patients to assess their current sexual health. We treat a number of sexual health issues, including the following:
Learn more about each of these conditions and how we treat them. Contact us to ask questions or schedule a private consultation.
Peyronie's Disease & Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Indianapolis Men's Clinic
We have provided our erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone, and Peyronie’s disease treatment to patients from Lafayette, IN; Muncie, IN; Bloomington, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Noblesville, IN; and the surrounding areas!
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