Patient Testimonials
At the Indianapolis Men's Clinic our doctors have successfully treated patients from Chicago, IL, Louisville, KY, Indianapolis, IN, Carmel, IN, Fishers, IN, Nobelsville, INand the surrounding areas. Our team is successful is treating patients with erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, premature ejaculation and Peyronie's disease.

“I was nervous about what was going to happen at my appointment. Everyone was polite and professional. My biggest shock other than the medicine worked really well was that I didn’t wait any longer than a few minutes for the medical person to take me to my room to meet with the doctor. It was clear that they were very busy and I still was able to see the medical staff and doctor within 15 minutes of arriving for my appointment. That was nice. I use the medicine at home and my wife and I like love it. Thank you for the great care." 
Carl E. - Avon, IN

“I went to the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic a few days before Christmas. I was hoping to have a “present” for my wife over the holiday but I was skeptical about what could be done. My wife and I after 21 years of marriage had not been happy in the bedroom for at least a year or more. Kids were gone and we needed to start enjoying each other again. So, I sincerely say to the guys at the men’s clinic THANK YOU!! I don’t know how we can say thank you enough for what you’ve done for us. " 

R. Stevenson - Indianapolis, IN

“This may not be the best review but at least it’s accurate. I had been divorced for 5 years and had gotten nowhere with my E.D. and P.E. issue. My doctor gave me Viagra and nothing but a headache from that. Then my doctor said, “it’s just your time”. "Time for what? Nothing?"   I visited a different clinic 3 years ago in Carmel and spent a lot of money to basically see results I could do noting with. These guys said they were different. That they could do different things. They said if the medicine didn’t work the way I wanted then it was a free visit. Needless to say it worked.  More than that they made it work for me and my situation. " 
T. Montgomery - Zionsville, IN

“Great Job Guys!!! I suffered from Peyroines and the clinic recommended a therapy that has resolved my curvature. My wife says thank you too!"
Vic J. - Indianapolis, IN

“Carl and I want to say thanks! No man should have to suffer with prostate cancer at any age let alone in his early 50’s. We went almost 2 years after the surgery to get something to work. This did. It’s nice to know that this is available to us. High five to the guys at the Indianapolis Men's Clinic." 

Sandi E. - Carmel, IN

"I have diabetes and had a bi-pass in 06’. My doc said no ED pills because of my heart. Which basically told me and my wife that we were left to do other things in the bedroom. She understood but it didn’t sit well with me. My first time at the clinic I didn’t get the response the doctor felt was appropriate to determine whether this was a good thing for me or not. They had me come back and HOLY COW, everything worked much better than expected. I’m not bragging, just happy that something fit for my wife and I. The guys at the Indianapolis Men's Clinic are doing a good thing. Thank you for making my wife and I so comfortable through this process."
H.C.. - Lafayette, IN

"Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that I’m able to do what I was able to do when I was 25. Not that I want to but knowing I can. I take 6 different pills a day for my sugar, blood pressure, joint and back pain, allergies, and gastric issues. They all work. The one pill that didn’t work was for my E.D. It would spring up and leave in an instant. Sometimes it felt like it was doing something and then when I wanted to go it wouldn’t. My girlfriend was on her way out when I went to the clinic. They said they have a 95% success rate. So I actually got results that are real and long lasting. What you did for me and her was life changing and getting my testosterone right was just a plus for me getting out of bed everyday. Sometimes thank you isn’t enough."

T.D. - Indianapolis, IN
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