Peyronie's Disease FAQ

Peyronie's Disease FAQ's
Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a disorder located in the connective tissue of the penis, PD results from changes in the tunica albuginea-the tissue under the skin of the penis and around the shaft- causing the presence of plaque (scar tissue). The buildup of plaque in the arteries of the penis prevent proper blood flow, resulting in a curved or deformed penis. As the plaque accumulates and blood flow is restricted, the nerve endings in the penis will begin to degenerate.

How do I recognize Peyronie’s Disease?
The most obvious signs associated with PD are physical changes that can occur to the penis. You may notice bending or curving of your erect penis, or a reduction is penis size. For some men there may be no physical distortion, but you may notice penile pain. Erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of PD.

Are there any early warning signs I can look for?
Yes! However, the early onset signs are easily unnoticed if you are not actively looking for them on a frequent basis. Early detection of PD can be noticed by changes in the surface features or the density of the tissue in the penis shaft. Running a fingertip up and down the penis shaft frequently feeling for any slight changes in texture could help you detect the early onset of PD. These subtle signs are easily missed or may not occur, so the onset is often sudden.
What causes Peyronie’s Disease?
The exact cause of PD is not known. You may notice the onset of PD after one or multiple injuries to the penis. There is speculation that Peyronie’s Disease could have a predisposed genetic link, along with repetitive minor trauma to the penis occurring during sexual activity. Some medications list Peyronie’s disease as a possible side effect, but there has been no proof these drugs cause the condition.

How common is it?
Peyronie’s Disease is quite common. Currently one in eleven middle-aged and older men have been diagnosed. As more and more men are seeking out treatment options for other diseases, like erectile dysfunction, we are seeing a rise in PD cases as well. This is likely due to the increased awareness in men’s health.

Who gets it?
Peyronie’s Disease can occur in any male, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, or age. Men with close relatives who have PD are at an increased risk of developing it. A person having a connective tissue disorder such as, Dupuytren’s contracture is at high risk for PD. Men over the age of 40 are also more likely to see PD.

How can I prevent PD?
There are no proven ways to prevent Peyronie’s Disease. Our sexual health doctors highly recommend reducing your number of penis injuries whether it be sports or sex related. Reducing injuries can help prevent Peyronie’s Disease.

Can it be reversed or treated?
YES! There are some cases were Peyronie’s Disease has spontaneously resolved on its own, however, the chances are very unlikely that will occur. Most men suffering from PD must seek out medical attention for treatment. 

What are the available treatment options for Peyronie’s Disease?
• Surgery
• Oral Therapies
• Physical Therapies
• Intralesional Therapies

Is there anything else I should expect?
Unfortunately suffering from Peyronie’s disease can be accompanied by some unexpected psychological effects. The physical distortion of the penis and/or pain accompanying PD can cause anxiety. Sexual intercourse is affected by the physical and mental symptoms, which may cause relationship stress between you and your partner. Due to the mental and emotional toll in some instances, counseling may be advised.

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