How To Find The Best Erectile Dysfunction Doctor Post Prostate Cancer

Finding The Best Doctor to Treat Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer

Congratulations! You have just beat cancer. The side effects of treating your prostate cancer may becoming more apparent. Up to 40 percent of men are faced with erectile dysfunction following radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and keep an erection. The causes of ED are not clearly defined in many cases, however, after prostate cancer treatment the likely causes of ED is linked to nerve damage in the penis.  Due to the intensity of radiation on the prostate, the nerves and blood vessels that physically cause an erection are typically traumatized and no longer offer an ample blood flow to the penis. 

ED symptoms may include:

•    Persistent trouble getting an erection
•    Persistent trouble keeping an erection
•    Reduced libido

If you are experiencing these symptoms after your prostate cancer treatment, you may need to seek a qualified physician for help.
I have ED. Now what?

Nearly all men with intact nerves have seen substantial improvement in ED symptoms within one year following treatment from a sexual health doctor. After undergoing a nerve-sparing prostatectomy 40-50% of patients return to their pre-treatment function. Another 30-60% of patients will return to pre-treatment function within two years following surgery. The results of these rates vary widely depending of your personal case, the doctor you seek out for treatment options, and the treatment path you choose. Currently there are many FDA approved treatment options available for male ED treatment.

In addition to the physical side-effects of radiation treatment to the prostate, patients may also suffer psychological problems from ED.  Sometimes a patient may experience emotional set-backs from erectile dysfunction. A patient may have undergone a nerve-sparing prostatectomy, and it is likely they feel physically different than before. Seeking the counsel of a sex therapist is a great option when working through the psychological trauma that can be experienced after prostate cancer treatment. Often, a significant other does not recognize the emotional aspects that are involved in achieving and sustaining an erection, so it can be aggravating for a man who cannot maintain an erection as they once did prior to prostate cancer treatments.

When treating the physical causes of ED, consulting with a licensed practitioner who specializes in men’s health will be the best.  When seeking treatment from a urologist, he/she may offer different treatment options such as penile pumps and prescription medications like Viagra may be introduced. While these treatment options may be successful for some, they may not be the best treatment of erectile dysfunction for the masses.  It is very important to educate yourself on the complications that may occur as a result of these various treatment options.

Complications of penile pumps include:
•    Implant erosion
•    Injury to the bladder, small bowel, colon, and major blood vessels.
•    Long term pain
•    Malfunctions of the device
•    Shifting of the device components
•    Problems with the actual implantation of the device inside the a testicle

FDA approved medications like the common sildenafil citrate (Viagra) use medication to mimic the chemicals naturally produced in the brain, which cause increased blood flow to produce and sustain an erection. The list of side effects from using medications of this nature to treat ED is long and can range from headaches, upset stomach, sudden vision loss in one or both eyes, sudden hearing decrease or loss, and an erection that will not go away and can cause permanent damage to the penis. 

When seeking out a well-qualified physician to treat your ED discussing their view on available treatment options maybe the most important step in recovering. If your physician does not offer alternatives to penile pumps and prescription drugs, continue seeking other specialists to learn about additional FDA approved treatment options for ED.  Our erectile dysfunction physicians recommend the following questions patients should ask when looking for a well-qualified doctor to treat ED:

•    What is your recommended treatment plan? What are the pros and cons?
•    What are the success rates of those treatments?
•    What lifestyle changes can I make to help?
•    Would it be helpful for me to seek out a counselor, sex therapist, or psychiatrist?
•    Are there any natural remedies I can try for a better erection? Are there any I should avoid?

The all-male staff at the Indianapolis Men’s Clinic will tailor a treatment program aimed at successfully treating your ED with the most up to date, least invasive treatment options available. We offer safe and effective treatment pathways, like Priapus Therapy with a success rate of improving erectile dysfunction by up to 90%. Indianapolis Men’s Clinic is located in Carmel, Indiana, and serves all of Indianapolis, Bloomington, Muncie, Lafayette, Nobles
ville, IN & surrounding areas. To schedule a confidential appointment with one of our specialists please call 317-689-0252 or schedule an appointment through our website.
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